Youth Development

Beginning in 2013, GDPU partnered with the Department for International Development (DFID) and the organization Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) to support youth with disabilities and train them in one of five skill areas through the Youth Development Program (YDP). The first leg of this program ended March 2016 after 230 youth were trained.

Youth participating in this program had physical disabilities, epilepsy, or visual impairments. They were broken into 15 groups and given training, support, and a seed fund to start their business after the training was complete.

Sweater Making at GDPU
A graduate of the youth development training making sweaters at GDPU.

Youth were trained in one of these five skills:

  •             Hairdressing
  •             Motorcycle Repair & Maintenance
  •             Electrical Repair & Maintenance
  •             Knitting and Sweater Weaving
  •             Welding


In May of 2017, the Youth Development Project entered the next phase titled, Enhancing the Capacity at GDPU (ETC at GDPU). The focus of this project is on building the capacities of the small business groups that are still active. Of the original 15 groups, there are 9 that are still active that will be receiving specialized support from GDPU in the form of capacity building activities. These activities include group dynamics, business support, additional training, and mentorship.

The ETC at GDPU program is currently in the assessment phase. During this time the 9 groups that are still running will be assessed and interviewed to learn about their specific needs. During the first six-month pilot phase, 3 groups will be chosen to undergo the training with GDPU.