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WASH crisis

The startup addresses the WASH crisis on two levels. First, GDPU and AP will continue to invest in individual schools. In 2019 we hope to install toilets and hand-washing facilities at the Abaka School (408 students) which has two functioning toilets. The Abaka project will be supported by the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Dublin, Ohio – one of several communities in the US that have generously embraced this start-up.

The establishment of proper WASH facilities will increase the enrollment and attendance numbers for Abaka Primary School, which has decreased by in enrollment by 29% from 2018 to the present. Much effort involves the coordination between contractors, suppliers, work crews and the District Officer of Education working with the District Treasurer ensuring the approval and funding by the local government.  The secondary goal after installing toilets at Abaka is the establishment of a sustainable scalable latrine construction model and budget plan for adaptation to other schools in the Gulu District.

Between 2015 and 2018 GDPU and AP installed accessible toilets at three remote schools in Gulu – Tochi, Ogul and Awach. Our monitoring at the end of 2018 found that the toilets had improved the lives of students, schools and communities. Bullying against students with disability had stopped. Hygiene had improved. Enrollment had risen. Parents were more engaged. What started in 2015 as a narrow project for students with disability has evolved into a broad strategy for creating a healthy, inclusive and tolerant environment for all students. Toilets offer a point of entry into the entire universe of a school.

The Tochi Primary School accessible toilet standing tall in 2017.