Our Staff

Ojok Patrick
Program Manager

Graduated from Kyambogo University, Kampala, Uganda

After working as a teacher Patrick joined GDPU in 2005 and has held a number of different roles with the organization since then. Currently, Patrick works as the Project Manager for the Accessible Toilet Project and is the main point of contact for the Market-Based Solutions project that will be starting the summer of 2017 in partnership with ADD International. He has enjoyed the shifting roles and feels he has been able to learn a lot in each new role he has taken on.

Emma Ajok
Project Officer

Graduated from Kyambogo University in 2014

Emma started working at GDPU as a volunteer on a project called Survival and Inclusion of Disabled Children in Uganda, and was one on the parent facilitator board for parents of children with cerebral palsy. Afterwards she continued to volunteer as an officer worker, then later in 2016 was promoted to focal point person for market based solution for the Extremely Poor in Partnership with ADD International in Omoro District.  In 2017 she also supported the WASH project doing inclusion trainings at primary schools.  In 2019 she became Project Officer for Enhancing the Capacity for Persons with Disabilities at GDPU.

Ivan Ocheng
Intern, IT and Social Media
Kyambogo University, Kampala, Uganda

Ivan Ocheng started High School from Kireka High, Kampala,Uganda. He later joined Kyambogo University in the year 2017-2019 for a Diploma in Community Based Rehabilitation Course. He worked with Gulu Disabled Persons Union as an intern student on June 20018- July, he also participated in the advocacy project that was being carried out under Chris Markomanolakis at Awach Primary School. Currently he is making a follow up for his community practice that he carried out in 2018 as well as working with the Advocacy Project that is under Spencer Caldwell (construction of a pit latrine at Abaka Primary School) Palaro Sub-county.