Market-Based Solutions for the Extreme Poor
In partnership with ADD International

Implemented by ADD International, this program began with an initial research phase that ended in 2016. The research looked at market accessibility in households with a person with a disability in the district of Gulu (as well as Kampala) to identify successes and challenges facings people with disabilities (PWDs) in income generating activities. From this research, ADD International is piloting a program in partnership with local disability organizations to increase market access for the extreme poor.

The two-year pilot program will begin in the summer of 2017 and will have Ugandan locations in Jinja and Omoro District (adjoining district to Gulu). The program will identify persons with disabilities engaged in income generating activities and work with them and their families on bridging the gap in access to markets and assets. ADD International has partnered with GDPU to implement the local branch of this program, which will be focused on Omoro District, Odek sub-county in Northern Uganda.

As this program moves forward, check back for updates on our blog!