Advocacy Project Peace Fellows

The Advocacy Project (AP) is a non-profit based in Washington D.C. that partners with marginalized and vulnerable groups around the globe to work with them to tell their story and to support their work. Each summer, AP sends Peace Fellows out to work side-by-side with these groups to work on storytelling and other advocacy tools. In 2019 we deployed five Fellows to Kenya, Nepal, Uganda, Vietnam, and Zimbabwe.

GDPU has partnered with the Advocacy Project since 2008 and has worked with an AP Peace Fellow each year. The past few years, the AP Peace Fellows have focused on the need for accessible toilets in local primary schools in Gulu. This year Spencer Caldwell is working with Abaka School in Gulu, Uganda, which currently has just two damaged latrines that are a health risk for their students. The installation of accessible toilets in this and other remote Ugandan primary schools has resulted in a sharp increase in enrollment. The goal is to establish a scalable latrine construction model and budget for adaptation to other schools in the Gulu District of Northern Uganda. Increased access to latrines will promote safety, inclusivity of disabled students and increase school attendance, which is down 29% from the previous year.

Workable, drainable latrines equipped with proper walkways, ramps, and handrails providing easy access for disabled students is the crux of the mission.