In partnership with The Advocacy Project, a Washington D.C. based non-profit, the Gulu Disabled Persons Union (GDPU) works to install one accessible drainable pit latrine and a hand washing station a year in a local primary school in Gulu, Uganda. These toilets encourage children with disabilities to attend school and provide access to basic services. Through inclusivity trainings with staff and teachers, children with disabilities will also face less bullying and be a part of a more inclusive educational environment.

2017 Ogul Primary School
Selected as the recipient of the 2017 accessible toilet, Ogul Primary School currently has unsafe and unsanitary latrines for boys and girls. After trying to receive funding and support from the government, staff and teachers at the school created a temporary shelter for the boys’ latrine. The girls’ latrine is in a state of disrepair and is almost full. Due to these pressing needs, Ogul Primary will be receiving a 4-stance accessible latrine to help the school provide water and sanitation to students with disability and those without.  The staff at Ogul Primary will also receive inclusivity training to help foster a supportive and inclusive environment for students with disabilities as well as training in proper sanitation and hygiene.

Ogul Primary School Latrines
The boys’ latrine (left) was constructed with left-over temporary latrines from an old IDP camp. The girls’ latrine (right) is almost full and has obvious structural flaws making it unsafe for girls to use.

For more information and updates on the Ogul Primary School toilet, please follow along with the 2017 Advocacy Project Peace Fellow here.

2016 Accessibility Assessment
In 2016 GDPU along with The Advocacy Project Peace Fellow undertook an accessibility audit of 10 local primary schools to determine the school to receive an accessible toilet and hand washing station for the following summer. This report highlighted the need to continue the installation of accessible toilets in local primary schools.

For more information on the Accessibility Assessment, please see the 2016 Peace Fellow’s blogs here.

Click here to download the full accessibility report: 2016 Accessibility Assessment

2015 Tochi Primary: Pilot School
During the summer of 2015, GDPU installed an accessible toilet in Tochi Primary School with the help of an Advocacy Project Peace Fellow. The initial project installed a two-stance accessible toilet consisting of a seated toilet, drainable pit latrine, with handrails and a hand washing station. In addition to the improvements to the physical structure of the school, Tochi staff also received inclusivity training and sanitation and hygiene training activities.

Tochi Primary School Toilet
The Tochi Primary School accessible toilet standing tall in 2017.